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Mastering video editing can seem overwhelming. There’s a hell of a lot to get your head around, and that’s once you’ve figured out the software and codec definitions! But there is an easy way to become the best editor you can be in the shortest time possible… 1-to-1 video editing tutoring.



Practicing on your own leads to a long and tiresome road of trial and error. An experienced tutor knows all the usual (and unusual) challenges that await you – unknown skills, bad footage, unrealistic deadlines, nightmare clients etc. To be a successful professional video editor you have to perfect so many of these things. With me by your side to coach you, you’ll quickly be making optimal decisions that consistently create the best work of your life, overcome every obstacle with ease, and have a support system when shit hits the fan. Find video editing success in the shortest time possible with me as your video editing tutor, no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you need an issue solved quickly or would benefit from longer term coaching, get in touch using the form below. I offer a free consultation where we can figure out what might be most beneficial for you. My goal is help you achieve your objective in the shortest time possible.